We stand behind every product that we produce and guarantee it to be free of workmanship defects. Rock climbing is an activity that is inherently rough on products, and it is important to have reasonable expectations. How long a shoe (or rubber) lasts will depend on many factors such as frequency of use, good/bad footwork, and how you take care of your shoes. Some people may wear the rubber sole or rand out in 2 months while some may get 8 months of use. Our warranty policy does not apply to product that has been damaged by misuse, accident, modification or unauthorized repair.

Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we trust that you will be reasonable and fair. If you believe that you received a defective product that qualifies for warranty service, please, let us know, and we can examine the product and work out a fair solution with you.

Upon inspection by us, you may be offered a partial credit or a repair option with (or without) a reasonable fee depending on the situation or commensurate with use (i.e. it’s unreasonable to expect replacement shoes or a free resole after using them for a few months and wearing them out).

Please return the product with this evolv WARRANTY FORM. Please remember to use a package tracking service. We are not responsible for shipments that we do not receive and that can not be tracked.

Chris Sharma works with a shoe last