Chris Sharma

Chris is a living legend in climbing and is one of the greatest rock climbers in the world today. He is currently Evolv’s head rock shoe designer. He has defined the sport of climbing in its multiple disciplines for over a decade and continues to push the evolution and progression of sport climbing.

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Chris Sharma Wins Red Bull Creepers Deep Water Soloing Comp

Check out this video of the Red Bull Creepers Deep Water Soloing competition in Spain. We’re stoked to watch Chris, Alex Johnson, Ashima Shiraishi, and Kai Lightner compete in Park [...]

Chris Sharma Introduces the Nexxo

Take an in depth look at the new Nexxo from Evolv and Chris Sharma. Our newest shoe in the Ultra Performance line is sure to take your climbing to the [...]

A Climbing Lesson From Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma reveals his philosophy behind climbing his best to Rock and Ice Magazine.

La Dura Complete: The Hardest Rock Climb In The World

La Dura Complete is live! Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra send it after 2 years! Congratulations, guys!

Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz Together in Oman

Watch Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz climb Majlis al Jinn, the second-largest cavern in the world.

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