Birth-date:May 18, 1958  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:CA  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Astroman  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:30+ years  BlogClick Here
Peter Croft

Peter Croft is an icon in climbing and constant positive force in the sport. His tireless endeavors on rock throughout the world raised the bar on what was possible for his generation – and for those to come – and he continues to push himself to this day. Born in Canada, and currently residing in Bishop, CA, Peter spends his time drinking a lot of coffee, guiding, mountain running, bouldering, sport climbing and exploring the endless vertical of the Sierra Nevada.

Proudest Moment? Starting climbing.

Words To Live By? Realize that you suck and that you are superman.

Favorite Moment In History? The Year TiVo was invented.

Most Recent Epic? Being pounded by storms and sickness in Patagonia.

Ambition? After climbing, going surfing.

Weakness? Things with caffeine.

Three Things People Should Know About Me? I’m terrified of spiders, I love night climbing, and I’m afraid of the dark.