Birth-date:April 24, 1991  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:São Paulo, Brasil  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Nexxo  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:14 years  BlogClick Here
Felipe Camargo

Felipe Camargo is a 23 year old climber from Brazil, who has been climbing since he was 10! He has always been a really energetic kid and wouldn’t leave the gym…at age 14 he won the youth Pan American championships, at 16 he was the youngest person to win an adult nationals in Brasil. At 18 he climbed his first 8c, 8c+ and 9a routes in Spain and became the first South American climber to reach the 9a barrier and also the first South American to make Semi – finals in a lead World cup. In 2013 and 2014 he focused more in bouldering, putting up a couple of v14s and doing the first v15 in South America, with the first ascent of “Fortaleza” in Ubatuba Brasil.

Number one song played on your ipod? The recipe Kendrick lamar

Favorite pair of Evolvs? The nexxos

Winter or Summer? winter

Lifetime climbing goals? Make podium in a World cup and keep pushing my limits and having fun outside…

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would do? Get all of my good friends together and make a huge climbing trip with some surfing too!

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? Skipping school to go climbing

What did you want to be when you grew up? Professional climber ever since I started climbing at age 10.