Philippe Gatta

Philippe Gatta

Philippe Gatta was born in Nice, France. He enjoys many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, skiing, trail running, and mountaineering. He’s climbed more than 1,500 sport climbing routes from all over the world. He has also established more than 50 routes in the southeastern region of France. He has over a decade of experience as a route setter, and has coached some of the best U.S. and French climbers.

Philippe is also very active in mountaineering. He’s made 30 solo ascents in the Alps, and has climbed more than 200 summits, including Mt. Everest. In 2008, he became the 7th Frenchmen to complete the Seven Summits Challenge (climb the highest peak of each of the 7 continents), and in 2011, he became the 4th Frenchmen to climb Kangchenjuna (the 3rd highest peak on Earth). This was the first French ascent in 28 years.

Philippe has a master’s degree in computer science and manages a team of engineers at a large company. When he is not climbing, Philippe loves to run. He has ran in the Sahara, the Himalayas, and even in the Amazon rainforest. He has logged more than 30,000 miles, which is more than the Earth’s circumference.

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