Jamie Finlayson

City: Squamish
Province: British Columbia
Personal Website: www.jamiefinlayson.weebly.com

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Jamie Finlayson Sends Superman

Evolv athlete Jamie Finlayson has sent Superman 5.14c on the Big Show at Cheakamus. http://gripped.com/routes/finlayson-sends-superman/

Frozen Waterfalls in Squamish Never Looked This Fun to Climb

Check out Evolv athlete Jamie Finlayson getting some air time on EpicTV.

Jamie Finlayson is Shaving with a Knife

Team member Jamie Finlayson getting the FA of Shaving with a Knife, 5.13c! http://gripped.com/2013/09/sections/news/jamie-finlayson-is-shaving-with-a-knife/

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