Birth-date:May 9, 1983  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Squamish, BC   InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Predator  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:8 years  BlogClick Here
Michelle LeBlanc

It was a fluke that she started climbing. As a University varsity athlete – hockey goalie extroardinaire – she never thought that climbing would ever be an important part of her lifestyle. I mean, who would, coming from the flatlands of New Brunswick? But after a year or so, the adventure and attraction of climbing drove her desire to travel the world, explore, and learn how to play with rocks. After spending three great years climbing beautiful oceanfront granite boulders in Nova Scotia, she found herself wanting to pursue a Master’s degree at Simon Fraser University and got in a van from Halifax to Golden, BC. She arrived to Squamish appropriately riding in on a $150 bike, having pedalled through the width of British Columbia. She has been humbled from that moment on, and everytime she gets out climbing, she’s learning valuable life lessons from this amazing piece of paradise.

Favorite pair of Evolvs? Nexxos, or the old Predators. Those should come back!

What’s in your fridge right now? I currently don’t have a fridge, but it would definitely be filled with fruits, veggies, and dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s.

Favorite Movie? Up, or any Pixar/Disney movie.