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Birth-date:March 6, 1984  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:Yucca Valley, CA  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Shaman  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:5 years  BlogClick Here
Jesse St. John

Jesse started climbing back in 2010, his wife bought them a month membership and a top roping class. After the class Jesse was immediately obsessed with bouldering and begun to climb every day. 3 months later he was hired at The Bend Rock Gym and set his first boulder problem. From there he quickly progressed in his climbing and setting and has been in love with the sport ever since. The main things that attract Jesse to this sport are the fact that the physical activity of the sport itself does not discriminate against anyone no matter their race, sex, height, weight, age, or political views. So for those reasons Jesse will always be involved in the sport of rock climbing.

Number one song played on your ipod? Interstellar soundtrack

Favorite pair of Evolvs? Shamans

Favorite Movie? Top Gun

Lifetime climbing goals? Own a climbing gym and climbing hold company