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Kenyon Smith

Kenyon Smith fell in love with rock climbing in 2006. His passion for bouldering has since taken him across the world on the hunt for amazing boulders, excellent company, and unforgetable good times. He spends most of his time living out of his truck on the road; fueled by his profession as a house painter.

Kenyon has helped in developing amazing new bouldering areas around Bishop and South Lake Tahoe, California. He enjoys a hair-raising highball just as much as a difficult roof. As long as he’s climbing, he usually has a big smile on his face!

Some of his notable ticks include: Big Worm – Mt. Evans, CO. Blood money , Wildcat , Leviathon style, Reternia, Eternia, Veritas Assis, Whispers of Wisdom – RMNP, CO. The Beatdown – South Lake Tahoe, CA. Spray Shaft , Beeline – Dayton Pocket, TN. We Squeezes – Independence Pass, CO. Bambi – Mathew Winters Park, CO. And many more.

Winter or Summer? Winter over summer

What would you do if you won the lottery? if i won the lottery first thing i would do is call friends and tell em we’re traveling!

What’s in your fridge right now? Don’t have a fridge but my ice chest is full of pecans (no ice)