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Samantha Caligiuri

Samantha Caligiuri was born on February 25 1988 in silver springs Maryland. She grew up as gymnast from the age of 4-16, with the dream of competing in the Olympics. When forced to stop, (due to injury) her life was shattered. The lights turned off and she was left wandering in the dark for years until one day someone showed her rock climbing. She moved to Utah in 2010 for skiing and mountain bikes, but one sunny summer day in 2011 everything changed. The feeling that it brings, the people you meet, and the adventures it leads to… there’s simply nothing else that compares; it’s a beautiful thing. Her gymnastics background has provided her with a powerful foundation for rock climbing, yet she knows she still has much to learn. Samantha lives here life one-way: You only live once, so have fun.

Some days we succeed and other we fail, but the feeling you get from challenging yourself makes everyday a win, the feeling of failure is not a negative one: we thrive off of the adrenaline that comes from giving it your all. As a climber there is really only one way to get better and that is to fail over and over, but if you stick with it and fight through the repeated hardship you will come out on top. A champion. Samantha always starts her day off the same way, to have fun. Whether you send projects or not, whether weather is perfect or not, the adventures you make of it is what’s important. Leaving knowing you gave it your all. “We Try, We Fall, We Try Again, We Fall Again, We Keep Trying, Then We Smile” ~ Samantha Caligiuri

What’s in your fridge right now? Spinach, carrots, hummus, eggs

Lifetime climbing goals? To someday make an impact, be a good ambassador, be a role model

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? To draw