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Birth-date:August 28  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
Residence:San Francsico, CA  InstagramClick Here
Favorite Product:Nexxo  TwitterClick Here
Years Climbing:12 years  BlogClick Here
Anson Whitmer

Anson started climbing 12 years ago while working on his PhD in neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. Within weeks of starting he was hooked and within another two years, he sent his first V10. After a few more years, he moved out Californie-way looking for the Internet and also a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford. Since he found San Francisco to be all he was looking for, he stayed put after he finished his fellowship. He now roams the bay area, Tahoe, Yosemite, Bishop, and as far from home as time permits.

Some of his happiest moments in climbing have been in the pursuit of first ascents – bushwhacking until his legs are bleeding, getting lost and dehydrated, cleaning lines and trying not to break rocks off in his face while attempting new lines. Two of his proudest FA’s are Rumination (V7) – a 40-foot tall beautiful line up the middle of the tallest boulder in the Secret Garden (near Boulder Colorado) and The Pale King – a gorgeous arête near Tahoe.

A couple of Anson’s proudest hard ascents are Chinese Connection (V13; Mortar Rock) and Mandala (V12; Bishop). This summer he is heading to Rocklands, South Africa and when not working, can typically be found underneath a hangboard working to take his game up to the next level.

Number one song played on your ipod? “Raining again” by Betoko

Winter or Summer? In California, we live for winter.

If you could invite anyone to be your dinner guest, dead or alive, who would it be? Dang… this would be awesome. It would have to be someone who has drastically changed the history of mankind, like Siddhartha, Jesus or Muhammad. But if I wasn’t thinking so big, I couldn’t imagine a historical figure that would be more fun to sit around a campfire, pushing the coals over the cooking potatoes, drinking beers, and waxing philosophical than William James.