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Bruno Ferreira

Best thing about climbing with Bruno is that he’s Portuguese which means that he’s always motivated to go exploring new areas and he always brings great snacks.

Bruno’s been training for high-level athletics since age 5; first in swimming and competitive tennis and then in climbing. His current job is as a massage therapist so his understanding of the human anatomy in motion is second-to-none and his tips on training better or climbing better are always accurate; and, if you get injured, he’s ready to help evaluate what’s going on and help it heal. Before being a massage therapist Bruno was a professional astrophysicist so he’s a good one to start a conversation with about the death of the Universe or the meaning of It All, or you can simply ask him about your star sign and how Pluto and Uranus conspire against you in climbing your projects.

I’d say that one of Bruno’s strongest personality traits is his attentiveness to his friends; he makes friends very easily and is earnestly interested in supporting their endeavours.

If I could learn anything: I have a million things I would love to learn. I want to get really good at playing my concertina, I want to learn more about dream reentry, I want to learn fluent Arabic … but I think that I would choose to have Eva Lopez teach me training for climbing. In my honest opinion she is the one out there who really knows her stuff. She’s done research and applies it methodically to train her athletes.

Dinner guest: Ghandi, for sure; and Carl Sagan. But I’d have some questions for Paramahamsa Yogananada too, he was deep in the know about the fabric of reality, and I’d bring back the lead singer from Morphine to play at the dinner event. Ghandi and Carl Sagan sitting at my dinner table.

In my fridge right now: Last night I coated a large wedge of Double Cream Brie in honey and almonds and put it in the Oven for half an hour. Amazing. Didn’t manage to finish it all.