Birth-date:May 26, 1966  Facebook Fan PageClick Here
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Years Climbing:25 years  BlogClick Here
Emma Medara

Emma started climbing in England in 1990, and from her very first climb, she knew she was hooked. The UK is a great place to climb, with a huge variety of climbing. Her favorite place to climb was on the sea cliffs – the sea is powerful and climbing above its ever changing nature was always an amazing experience for Emma. She traveled and climbed full time, taking photographs and writing articles for magazines and brochures. She even wrote a climbing guide book to a climbing area in Spain. On her travels she climbed in Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Belgium and America. In 2000 she moved to America and lived in Moab, UT. She got married and ran a climbing guide service called Moab Desert Adventures. Now Emma lives in Truckee, California with her husband and daughter, which is a fantastic place to live. Climbing on the immaculate Sierra Nevada granite is a treat for her and her family. She continues to guide occasionally and loves teaching kids, most of all she loves sharing her passion for climbing with her daughter.

Favorite pair of Evolvs? Evos

Winter or Summer? Summer with the long days to spend outdoors as long as possible.

Lifetime climbing goals? To always keep climbing, never stop.