Rocky Mountain Bouldering with Ashima
October 24, 2013

Ashima Shiraishi traveled with her father to Colorado for two weeks in August of 2013 to test her strength and skills on the Rocky Mountain boulders. Having never climbed on the style of climbing that is seen in Colorado (she has only bouldered in New York, Hueco Tanks, Japan, and South Africa)...

Ronnie Dickson Sends Dragon Turns at The Gunks
October 21, 2013

Check out team member Ronnie Dickson sending Dragon Turns at The Gunks!

Outside Magazine Profiles Ashima Shiraishi
October 17, 2013

"Daughter of Japanese immigrants. Took up bouldering in Central Park at age six. Climbed Crown of Aragorn, in Hueco Tanks, Texas, a V13 bouldering problem that’s one of the most difficult routes ever climbed by a woman, at age ten. Now spends 20 hours per week training at the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym. Won the American Boulder Series Youth National Championships in March. Excels at woodworking class. Collects stickers..."

Blister Gear Review Takes Another Look at the Astroman
October 15, 2013

"When it comes to trad climbing, I expect my shoes to do a very specific job: stick to almost everything and be comfortable. Really, it comes down to a matter of confidence—if I’m climbing scary trad or placing pro at my limit, I need to know that my feet aren’t going to give out. With that said, I had high expectations for the Astroman..."

Ashima Sends Another Testpiece
October 7, 2013

“That’s how you end up when you eat chocolate 24/7,” said Ashima Shiraishi on Instagram after she made the first female ascent of 24 Karats (5.14c) in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, last week...

Team Member Vijay Kannan Crushing It
October 3, 2013

Shot before, during, and immediately after my monthlong away rotation at the University of Utah in September 2013. Part 2 will feature more Colorado and Arizona climbing!

Chris Sharma Joins Team Attempting El Cap's Dawn Wall
October 1, 2013

Chris Sharma will join Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson, and Jonathan Siegrist for this fall's attempts on the Dawn Wall, a multi-year project to create the world's hardest big-wall free climb. The team will begin working on the Dawn Wall this week, or whenever the federal government shutdown ends, allowing climbers to re-enter Yosemite National Park...

Wingman Crash Pad Reviewed
September 30, 2013

The Evolv Wingman crash pad is a perfect secondary or supplemental crash pad that (especially for such an affordable price), should be considered by any serious boulder. Boulderers will find that the Wingman is easy to transport and excels as a sit start pad, or as a tool to level out landings and covering the gaps between pads...

Jamie Finlayson is Shaving with a Knife
September 25, 2013

"I bolted Shaving with a Knife last year. The 25-metre route tops out on the Quercus Cliff at Murrin Park in Squamish. Local Colin Moorhead found the cliff and did the first couple of routes..."

Chris Sharma Conquers La Dura Dura
September 9, 2013

"When we’re least attached — to our egos, to outcomes, to our projects — that’s when we perform our best." Evolv athlete, Chris Sharma talks about what inspired him to climb La Dura Dura.

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