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The Royale is a popular entry level leather shoe that is comfortable, stiff and durable. As a leather shoe with partial lining, it breaks in nicely with slight stretch.

  • all around
  • symmetric
  • smearing
  • flat profile
  • trax rubber
  • vtr3d

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Reviewed by ginakuzmick

ginakuzmick bought "ROYALE" on our website
10/13/2016 - 01:50:43 PM
Great for climbers with Morton's toe/climbers who need a wide toebox

I had been struggling for a long time to find climbing shoes that fit my feet, as they're kind of weird. I needed something with a wide toebox and a small ankle and these are perfect! They fit snug to my feet and don't give me any sort of dreadful hot spots on my toes. They fit true to size and conform perfectly to my feet. Thank you, Evolv, for making such an awesome pair of shoes!

Reviewed by gamester264
05/31/2013 - 03:04:25 PM


Bought these shoe in 2011 when I first started climbing and I love them! They are very durable very comfortable and lasted 2 years in the gym (going 1-2 times a week) and one, one week trip outdoors. There isn't a lot of stretch but buy .5-1 size smaller then what you would regularly get. Amazing for beginner and intermediate climbers. AMAZING!!!!