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The Bolt is a classically styled nubuck leather approach shoe with a modern twist that is great for all climbing approach, scrambling, and casual wear applications. Built on a trail running shoe last, the Bolt is comfortable and well cushioned for everything from technical approaches to easy fifth-class climbing. The rubber toe and heel rands protect the upper against wear and tear and the high friction TRAX® Rubber outsole with edging platform inspires confidence on sketchy ascents or descents.

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Reviewed by jbrown

jbrown bought "BOLT (ORANGE)" on our website
02/25/2013 - 03:24:02 PM
Clipping Botls and Wearing Bolts

I purchased the Bolts a few weeks ago and except for at work wear them pretty much constantly. First they are way lighter than i ever expected. They look like they are gonna be solid and heavy but they are almost as light as my running shoes. (I do not have those minimalist shoes) The shoes are torsionaly rigid yet flexible for a good walking and hiking stride. The tread is great for loose dirt, mud and snow.
How do they climb? I sized them like a street shoe so they are not tight, they are comfortable. The defined edge is solid and sharp, they edge ok for my toes not being jammed in them. On a day of trad climbing of 20 pitches of 5.10 and and 5.11s my feet were getting really fatigued. I stuck these shoes on for a wide crack section and ofcourse they jammed well. What i was really surprised about though was their smearing ability. Holy Mackerel These may be my goe toe shoes for smearing (JOKE) But really.