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The Talon G2 is an asymmetric downturned shoe that functions well in steep and vertical terrain. The lacing system provides a custom fit and secure heel hooking.

  • overhanging
  • downturned toe
  • standard asymmetric
  • pockets
  • toe hooking
  • trax rubber
  • vtr3d

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Reviewed by gretzloff

gretzloff bought "TALON G2" on our website
10/21/2014 - 09:53:46 PM
Best Evolv Shoe

Ive tried the shaman and the nexxos, and the talons are superior in my opinion. More sensitive than both the nexxos and shaman, and with a deep, comfortable heel. The nexxo heel is to shallow and small for my liking. The talon is also cotton lined and extremely form fitting. Also, the laces provide for good toe hooking that doesn't quite work well with the shamans.
For sizing, I size the talons the same as the shamans, and the talons half size down from the nexxos. The talons are an awesome classic that I hope evolv keeps around for the near future.

Reviewed by charlieandrews
06/15/2011 - 02:31:06 PM

highly recommended

I've been an Evolv customer for six years now, and the G2 Talons are my favorite climbing shoes of all time. I'm a sport climber and a boulderer, and these shoes have performed excellently both in gyms/competitions and on real rock. They fit like a glove, and the laces offer a highly adjustable tightness. The downturn is aggressive enough to toe down on steep terrain but flexible enough to toehook effectively, and edge on vertical terrain. The toe is stiff enough to trust on a committing toe-down and sensitive enough to handle a technical smear. The heels have been improved from previous models.
I highly recommend these shoes.