origins film joshua tree

Origins – Joshua Tree

evolv and Sender Films Release Origins Film Series

Footwear manufacturer evolv Sports and Sender Films released the first in a new series of short films called Origins. The concept captures the stories and characters of history with the top climbers of today. April 9, 2010 (Buena Park, CA)

The first Origins episode is based in Joshua Tree, features Chris Lindner and Kurt Smith and focuses on an unrepeated route of Smith’s. The Dunce Cap rock in the heart of Joshua Tree, a familiar sight to climbers and visitors alike, is the focus of this collaboration.

“I am a buff of climbing history, and love that our sport has so many characters from different generations who have left their mark on cliff faces around the world,” says Peter Mortimer of Sender Films. Origins is a chance to celebrate climbing’s lineage and bring obscure or forgotten climbs from the past to today’s climbers.”

To view the first episode, visit Sender Films, evolv’s website, or YouTube. Origins will also be on the 2010 Reel Rock Film Tour.

“Future episodes of Origins will take viewers across the globe with climbings icons from the past decades and its stars of today,” adds Mortimer. “From alpine peaks to overhanging boulders, we are planning shoots for the upcoming months. We expect to film two to three Origins episodes per year, tying at least one of them in with the annual REEL ROCK Film Tour.” Episode Two is scheduled to release later this year and will feature Peter Croft and Lisa Rands.

“Working with evolv is great because their crew has a passion for climbing, and a strong respect for climbers, past and present,” Mortimer continued. “I see the evolv guys as big community advocates who are more interested in telling great stories through the Origins series than in promoting their shoes. They are also a fun, cool crew who are enthusiastic about every shoot, and being there on the ground informing this series.

Origins is presented by evolv Sports, sponsored by Mountain Gear and produced by Sender Films.


Heart ov Zteel

Heart ov Zteel

Thanks to the collaboration of some of the most brilliantly twisted and psyched minds in the climbing industry, we are proud to present the first promo video for our mega-comp on March 26th; HEART OV ZTEEL. As you will see from the video, this comp is anything but normal. Whether you are a comp freak, a beginner, or a sponsored pro, this event is sure to deliver. come to compete, come to watch the finals, come to see just what the hell we have up our sleeves this year. But come! Check out the HEART OV ZTEEL website to register, get more information, or just be entertained by Carlo Traversi getting strangled.


Origins – The Hulk

Origins The Hulk

Climbing legend Peter Croft mentors boulderer Lisa Rands on the finer points of alpine free climbing during an ascent of Venturi Effect, Croft’s spectacular route on The Incredible Hulk, in California’s Sierra Nevada. This is the second installment in the Origins series, presented by Evolv shoes with The North Face and Mountain Gear.


The Evolv Adventure

The Evolv Adventure

Evolv athletes Peter Croft, Lisa Rands, Matt Segal and Chris Sharma give some insight in to their lives as professional climbers and their direct involvement with Evolv.