Psicobloc Test Jumps with Chris Sharma
July 30, 2013

Well, this sure puts the high dive we were so proud to jump off of in the 5th grade to shame. Super psyched for the upcoming Psicobloc Comp!

James Kassay's Season in Rocklands, South Africa
July 29, 2013

Check out this sick video of James Kassay crankin' uber hard in Rocklands, South Africa. Go James!

Evolv Cruzers Featured in Elevation Outdoors Magazine
July 25, 2013

Bring the heat! Elevation Outdoors Magazine posted their Women's Summer Gear list for climbing and yoga. On the list, Evolv's Cruzers!

Mountain Bouldering the Sierra with Lisa Rands
July 24, 2013

Evolv athlete Lisa Rands on her latest adventure across the Swiss Arete. Check out her story and amazing photos from along the way.

Steph Davis Talks with Adventure Journal About Her Love for Climbing and BASE Jumping
July 22, 2013

“Adventure is when you aren’t sure what’s going to happen.” Evolv athlete, Steph Davis talks with Adventure Journal about her love for climbing and BASE jumping.

Some Inspiring Words From Chris as He Gets Psyched for the Upcoming Psicobloc Comp
July 19, 2013

Elite climbers like Chris Sharma make regular pilgrimages to exotic locales like Mallorca to push the envelope of technical climbing and experience the special challenge afforded by Psicobloc.

Backcountry Skiing Takes the Geshido Through the Paces

Check out their thorough review of this versatile, solid shoe!

Chris Sharma in his birthday suit
July 12, 2013

Chris talks about this experience posing nude in the 2013 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. Read Chris Sharma's extended interview from the 2013 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue!

Cruzers Featured in Active Junky's Fashion+Function Climbing Round-Up
July 10, 2013

Where to Wear: Practicing parkour after a couple microbrews, buildering around campus after a long library session, getting your dance on, cruising up some slab on the approach to your favorite local crag...

You Know Who Loves the Cruzers?
July 3, 2013

You know who loves Evolv's Cruzers? ... Ninjas.