Evolv Rocklands Climbing Kids
February 28, 2014

In 2011 Julia Einbecker and Moritz Eisenlauer founded a climbing group for the kids living on the farms around the famous bouldering area Rocklands. They promised the Kids they will be back in 2013 with proper climbing equipment...

Alex Johnson Signs with Evolv for 2014

Welcome to the team, Alex! We are super stoked to be working with you.

The Bionic Sloth - A Profile of Youth Climbing Champion Kai Lightner
February 21, 2014

When one of the world’s best climbers notices you, you must be doing something right. As several young climbers waited for an autograph during a February fundraiser at the Stone Summit gym in Atlanta, Chris Sharma stood intrigued, watching 13-year-old Kai Lightner smoothly lap a 5.13.

Lonnie Kauk Goes All In
February 11, 2014

Watch as Evolv athlete Lonnie Kauk goes all in on Too Big to Flail in the Buttermilks.

Frozen Waterfalls in Squamish Never Looked This Fun to Climb
February 5, 2014

Check out Evolv athlete Jamie Finlayson getting some air time on EpicTV.