Kai Lightner Talks About His ABS Nationals Experience
March 28, 2014

The first competition day was qualifiers. Four climbs, four minutes each. The first and last climbs were on slab. They consisted of the usual slopers, crimps, technical, and balancey movements of classic slab climbs. The second problem had a foot first sequence on a steep overhang. If you misread the sequence, the problem was significantly harder.

La Dura Complete: The Hardest Rock Climb In The World
March 26, 2014

La Dura Complete is live! Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra send it after 2 years! Congratulations, guys!

Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz Together in Oman
March 18, 2014

It's said that what goes up also must go down. In this case, the opposite was true. Beginning at a hole in the ground in the country of Oman, Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz descended beneath the earth's surface to begin a climb like no other.

The Addict Reviewed
March 13, 2014

Every climber needs a slipper style climbing shoe. The versatility is a must and the comfort is a (very) nice-to-have. There is a brand new slipper on the market, the Evolv Addict. Evolv designed the Addict with a leather upper for comfort and durability. The bright yellow color is fun. The last is flat and asymetrical. Perfect for feet that have a longer big toe and perfect for all day shoes or climbing thin cracks.

The Secret Climb of Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz
March 11, 2014

Two living legends of rock climbing have joined forces to establish a futuristic big-wall route. Stefan Glowacz, the German stalwart whose resume includes competition wins from the late 1980's and early 1990's to big-wall first ascents in remote corners of the world, has teamed up with Chris Sharma, the California prodigy turned sport-climbing and bouldering visionary.