• Horizon V15 (1st female and youngest person to climb v15)
  • Golden Shadow V14 (2nd female to climb v14)
  • Ciudad de Dios (5.14d/5.15a)
  • Power of Silence V10 (at age 8, the youngest person to climb this grade)
  • 2x youth bouldering world champion
  • 2x youth lead climbing world champion


Ashima began climbing at age 7 when her parents took her to Central Park. It was there Ashima discovered Rat Rock and the rest is history. Ashima first made a name for herself by bouldering at a very high level at a very young age. At age 8, Ashima climbed Power of Silence (V10). At age 9, she sent Chablanke (V11/12), Roger in the Shower (V11), and several other difficult boulders. At age 10, Ashima climbed Crown of Aragorn (V13). She is the youngest person ever to climb this grade, and one of very few females to climb a confirmed V13.

Ashima has also excelled in sport climbing. In October 2012, at age 11 she sent Southern Smoke at the Red River Gorge, a grade 5.14c sport climb. In 2013, Ashima has continued to excel at both bouldering and sport climbing, adding 5.14a at Céüse, then two more V13s with One Summer in Paradise and Automator, and finally two more 5.14c’s (24 Karats and 50 Words for Pump) to her already impressive ticklist. In July 2014, she climbed her first V14, Golden Shadow. She is only the second officially recorded female climber (after Tomoko Ogawa) to successfully send a V14 problem. On the first day of 2015, Ashima sent her second V14, The Swarm, claiming the first top-out of the problem by any climber, male or female (several men previously sent the problem but failed to top out). At age 13, Ashima climbed her first 5.15a/9a+, Open Your Mind Direct in Santa Linya. The route was originally a 5.14d/9a until a hold was broken off near the top of the route. Ashima was the first to climb it with the missing hold.