• IFSC Edinburgh Scotland Paraclimbing world cup 2017: Silver medal
  • IFSC Innsbruck Austria Paraclimbing world championships 2018: Gold medal
  • IFSC Briancon France Paraclimbing world championships 2019 Silver medal
  • USAC Paraclimbing national championships 2017-2018-2019: gold medals.
  • First paraclimber to climb the grade v11/8A



At 14 years old, Justin Salas was diagnosed with optic neuropathy of unknown origin. Simply put, he’s blind. Life without vision hasn’t slowed down this blind ascensionist—Justin is a Midwest rock climber from Oklahoma who specializes in bouldering. When J, as his friends call him, is not climbing you will find him with a camera in his hand, capturing the world through a new perspective.

Justin’s climbing resume includes gold medal wins in 2 consecutive USA Climbing Adaptive National championships, and bringing back to the United States a silver medal in his first International Federation of Sport Climbing Paraclimbing World Cup in Edinburgh Scotland, 2017.

In 2018 he also became the first adaptive rock climber to achieve the grade of V11/8a.

In September 2018 he will compete at his first World Championship competition in Innsbruck, Austria.