Kai Lightner Talks About His ABS Nationals Experience

Shortly after arriving to Colorado Springs for ABS Nationals, I realized my trip was getting off to a great start. I received a large box that prAna had overnighted to me with a coat, sweater, and a lot of warm clothing. They wanted to make sure that I was warm and in style 🙂 Big thanks to prAna! Colorado was a little cold, compared to North Carolina. It was also great that some of my friends were staying in the same hotel.

Qualification Round

The first competition day was qualifiers. Four climbs, four minutes each. The first and last climbs were on slab. They consisted of the usual slopers, crimps, technical, and balancey movements of classic slab climbs. The second problem had a foot first sequence on a steep overhang. If you misread the sequence, the problem was significantly harder. The third climb was supposed to be the hardest. It was relatively straightforward, but powerful, and on a slight overhang. I ended the day flashing all problems and advancing to semifinals in 1st place…

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