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We are committed to being eco-conscious and encourage having your shoes resoled. In fact, evolv is the only climbing shoe company in the US that offers resole services. evolv resoles all brands of climbing shoes with its proprietary TRAX® rubber which offers the ideal balance of high friction and durability. Customers and companies all over the US trust our work. Our resole prices are very affordable and our quality and prices are the best in the industry. Your shoes will return to you almost like new. Visit our resole branch (Yosemite Bum) for all the information you need about getting your shoes resoled. About TRAX®: TRAX XT® high friction rubber is formulated to be the highest performing rubber on the market. TRAX-XT® has a perfect balance of high friction and edging power on different types of rock and plastic holds while performing consistently over a wide range of temperatures.