• Member of 2021 USA National Elite Speed Climbing Team

  • Women’s US Speed Records, 7.19 seconds. (First US Women to run sub 8 seconds)
  • 2nd Place at IFSC Speed World Cup 2021.
  • 8th Place at Combined Pan American Championships, 2020.
  • 2nd Place Combined: USA Climbing Combined Championships
  • Youth Speed World Champion and 3rd at prior Youth Speed World Championships.
  • 2x Youth Speed National Champion
  • Open Women’s Speed National Champion
  •  Red Wave, Red Rocks, v10/7c+ & Calaxy Comet , Lower Middle Creek, v10/7c+





Emma Hunt is an accomplished competitive climber competing at both the US National and International level.

The climbing community has been a part of Emma’s family for as long has she can remember. She started climbing at the age of 5. A few years later 8-year-old Emma was introduced to the youth competitive climbing scene. She loved the competition community and started competing at USA Climbing at the local and national level.  

Emma was introduced to Speed Climbing in 2017. She was excited by its rhythmic flow and explosive nature. Emma progressed to the Open/Elite series at 15 years old, winning her first Open Female Speed Nationals in 2019. Four months later she won her second Youth Speed National title and set the US Women’s Speed record of 8.25 seconds on the 15M wall. She set another record US Women’s Speed record of 8.17 seconds when she won the 2019 Female Youth Speed World Championships in Arco, Italy. She has gone on to break her own US Women’s Speed record many more times.

In 2021 Emma became the first US Women to run sub 8 seconds on the 15M wall at the USA Climbing Team Trials. She holds the current USA Female Speed Climbing record of 7.56 seconds.

While Emma is widely recognized for her record-breaking speed climbing, she is also equally psyched on bouldering and sport climbing. In February 2020 she placed 8th the IFSC Pan American Championships competing in all three climbing disciplines. A month before that she placed 2nd at the USA Climbing Combined Championships.