1st American to flash v13
30+ climbs of V15 and 16 with some of them first ascents
1100+ boulders 8A(V11) and harder
Climbed Jaws, 5.15a
3rd place in IFSC World Cup Bouldering event
USA Bouldering National champion
Directed and co-filmed the feature length climbing film, “Uncharted Lines,” and “The Schengen Files.”


Paul started climbing at the age of 10 in New Jersey at a friends birthday party at an indoor climbing gym. Since that day, climbing has been his sole focus in life. At the age of 19, Paul moved to Colorado to climb and attend the university of Colorado at Boulder. Since moving to Colorado, Paul has won a bouldering national championship, placed 3rd in a bouldering World Cup, and has climbed and made the first ascent of many of the worlds hardest boulder problems. After graduating from CU Boulder, Paul’s main focus became hard first ascents and developing new climbing areas around the world. In 2017, Paul released a feature length film about climbing first ascents in new climbing areas from Spain to Zimbabwe and many places in between called,“Uncharted Lines.”

Since the films premiere, Paul has continued to search for first ascents as well as continue his journey to climb the hardest established boulders in the world. As of Feb 2020, Paul has achieved his goal of becoming the first person in the world to have climbed over 1000 boulder problems graded 8A(V11) or harder. In 2021, Paul had a double disc replacement in his neck. He has since recovered from that and been able to accomplish V15 post surgery. Paul now back to full strength again continues to search out and climb the hardest boulders in the world. Follow Paul on social media on instagram and YouTube @paulrobinson87. 

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Paul Robinson

Instagram: @paulrobinson87