Climbing & Bouldering Accessories


Preparation and climbing accessories are vital when it comes to climbing. At Evolv we want to make sure that you are ready for your projects with our climbing essentials. A complete assortment of all the pfe (personal fashion equipment) you need for a day of climbing or training inside or outdoors. Designed to let you express your creativity and personal sense of style while keeping your hands dry, fingers strong and ankles safe. Whether you are a sport climber or a boulderer, we got you covered with our array of stylish, yet simple chalk bags with an adjustable belt. Pair them with some chalk for that palm sweating, chossy high-ball project you have been working on. While on those sketchy boulders, lay down some of our cushiony and versatile crash pads for those rough landings. How about reducing the risk with a wingman to cover those gaps for that extra added safety measure and do not forget to leave no trace by brushing your tick marks.

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