Warranty & Repair

Warranty Policy (US customers only) Thank you for purchasing an Evolv climbing shoe or lifestyle shoe. We stand behind every product we produce and your satisfaction is important to us.  All Evolv products that are purchased on our website or through an authorized dealer are covered under a Warranty (we do not sell directly to Amazon.com and do not cover those purchases with our warranty). Rock climbing is an activity that is inherently rough on product and there is no specific, implied life span for a shoe due to the many variables that can affect the product.  We trust our customers to be reasonable and fair. If you have an Evolv product that you think should be considered for a warranty evaluation, please read our policy below and then contact us with your concerns BEFORE mailing it into us. This warranty does NOT apply to the following:


  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Damages by misuse, improper fit, improper care and poor maintenance.
  3. Resoled or modified shoes
  4. Damages due to improper storage.
  5. Any products purchased from non-authorized dealers (Amazon.com is not covered)

If sending us product to be considered for a warranty evaluation:

  1. Provide a copy of proof of purchase
  2. Product must be clean and dry

Shoes will naturally break down and show wear over time.  The longevity of a shoe varies for every user depending on environment, climber weight, user experience, footwork, and care. Please be aware that the rubber on your shoe may last 2 months while another user’s shoe rubber could last 9 months. Be kind to your shoes and they’ll return the favor.  Warranty does NOT apply to excessive rand wear due to toe dragging. *Due to International Trade Agreements, Evolv is NOT able to assist with warranties outside of the U.S. If you are an international customer you must resolve your warranty with the retailer you purchased from. Evolv does NOT ship internationally. Please remember to use a package tracking service. We are not responsible for shipments that we do not receive and that can not be tracked.