We are a family of boulderers, sport climbers, trad climbers, alpinists, and mountaineers. Inner city kids, suburban adventurers, and mountain-folk alike make up the heart and soul of our team, people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and different stories. That diversity is based on the fundamental idea that seeing things from a different perspective allows you to be prepared and excel, regardless of what the world throws at you. It lets you Evolv.

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DSC_0755 DSC_0755

Alex Johnson

Ashima_1 Ashima_1

Ashima Shiraishi

Steph-David-climbing-on-red-rock Steph-David-climbing-on-red-rock

Steph Davis

Craig-Poudre-5192_BearCam-1 Craig-Poudre-5192_BearCam-1

Craig Demartino

Daniel-Woods-Bouldering Daniel-Woods-Bouldering

Daniel Woods

duffy-bouldering duffy-bouldering

Colin Duffy

Justin-Salas Justin-Salas

Justin Salas

kai-Lighner-world-champs-to-fit kai-Lighner-world-champs-to-fit

Kai Lightner

D-Scott-Clark-Photography D-Scott-Clark-Photography

Genevive Walker

EmmaHunt-Speed-Panam-3-lukewebster EmmaHunt-Speed-Panam-3-lukewebster

Emma Hunt

PaulRobinson_Katerina_X1_-20perInstagram PaulRobinson_Katerina_X1_-20perInstagram

Paul Robinson

Ronnie-Dickson Ronnie-Dickson

Ronnie Dickson