Technical climbing shoes - High Performance


Performance climbing shoe, this is where we take what we learn from the EVO Lab and apply it to climbing shoes that need to perform across a wide variety of rock types and climbing styles. At Evolv these are climbing shoes that can deliver precision edging, slice into tips sized cracks and pockets, smear across scary slabs and hook onto overhanging bulges and do it all day long without compromising comfort or control.


What shoes do pro climbers use?

Pro climbers will generally use high performing or aggressive shoes. They need a shoe that can give them precision and performance, as the demanded effort is higher.

But what does a pro climber need from the shoes during the high level sport climb, or during a competition, or during a technical bouldering climb?

The features of a climbing shoe for pro climbers are usually very extreme, as they need to work off very small holds, or endless overhangs.

It is fundamental to have a high or low sensitivity in contact with the climbing wall, or the rock, the reason why pro climbers prefer more downturned toe and ultra-precise edge, at the expense of the comfort. Asymmetrical shoes are tighter, and they offer a more curved shape for better performance and precise foot work on the smaller holds.

Even the softness of the shoe is fundamental to be more agile on the rock with your feet: softer shoe = more sensitivity, more rubber contact and higher performance. Stiffer shoe = less sensitivity but more power and sport on smaller foot holds.

How to choose technical climbing shoes?

The most common features to consider when you choose the climbing shoes as an advanced climber.

  • Fit: the climbing shoes need to be perceived as a second skin, without empty spaces. Therefore, it is fundamental to choose the shoe according to the shape of your feet, avoiding too much pain. Discomfort is normal.
  • Shape: to more precision of the feet on the rock and have more power, the shoes for pro climbers need to be asymmetrical and with downturned toe. These features are essential to get the maximum performance
  • Soft sole: steep walls and extremely small holds require precision and high sensibility. Soft shoes allow to be more agile and sensitive on the rock.
  • Velcro Closure: usually Velcro shoes are more common on pro climbers, as they can be removed easily and loosened very quick when you reach a belay point and you can relax a bit the feet.