• 5.14d « La reina Mora », Siurana, Spain First Female Ascent
  • 5.14d « Estado Critico », Siurana, Spain First and only Female Ascent
  • 5.14d « La Proa fin de Ali », Rodellar, Spain First and only Female Ascent
  • 5.14c/5.14d « Fin de Ali Hulk Extension total », Rodellar, Spain First and only Female Ascent
  • 5.14c « Chikane », Siurana, Spain FFA
  • 5.14c « El Rastro », Siurana, Spain FFA
  • 5.14c « Patinoso », Siurana, Spain FFA
  • 5.14c « Coma san Pere », Margalef, Spain FFA
  • 5.14c « Fin de Ali hulk », Rodellar, Spain 


  • V13 « Ray of light », Rocklands, South Africa 
  • V13 « Wheel of retardation », Rocklands, South Africa First and only Female Ascent
  • V13 « Meadowlark lemon stand », Red Rocks, USA 
  • V13 « L’arche », Rocklands, USA
  • V12/13 « Fragiles steps », Rocklands, South Africa

Alizee Dufraisse


Alizée is one of France’s most accomplished climbers. A former World Youth Champion and World Cup medalist with numerous FFAs and a tick list peppered with 5.14d and V13 routes, she brings a unique background to her pursuit of creative projects on and off the wall. 

Alizée started climbing outside with her father at the age of seven, and for many years pursued the sport both indoors and outdoors at the highest levels. When she was 13, she sent her first 5.13b; at 15 she became World Youth Champion in lead and climbed 5.13b/5.14a outdoors in Gorges du Tarn, France. She would go on to compete internationally for 14 years in both lead and bouldering, including becoming the 4th woman to send 5.14d, and climbing boulders up to V13.

As an athlete and a person, Alizée’s achievements transcend her climbing resumé. A track and field athlete in her college years, she won a French national championship in the pole vault, and—while climbing professionally—earned a master's degree in Russian studies. 

This eclectic background has contributed to a passion for climbing that has propelled Alizée to the highest levels of the sport. Six months after returning to climbing at the age of 19, she earned a place on the podium in the lead World Cup of IFSC, and sent two 5.14b in Ceuse, France—something never before done by a woman.

In the years that followed, she combined rock climbing and competition climbing with several first and only female ascents with grades of 5.14c and 5.14d in the mythic crags of Siurana and Rodellar, Spain.

Since retiring from competition climbing in 2017, she has dedicated herself to outdoor projects, and travels internationally all year.