• 5.14a: Galactic Emperor
  • 5.13a: Dances with Cows and Thugagra(Flash)
  • 5.13b: Once upon a time

Anna Hazlett

Anna started bouldering at a gym in Southern California at 16 years old. With Joshua Tree so close, she quickly shifted her focus to the outdoors. Granite boulders – especially those in JTree – demand footwork and balance, and Anna picked these techniques up in spades as she progressed through the grades, focusing on slab and vertical test pieces.


In 2019, Anna started sport climbing, realizing that the “zen mode” she experienced on slab boulders also existed on longer routes. It wasn’t long before she ticked her first 5.14a: Galactic Emperor, in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Anna also flashed Dances with Cows and Thugagra – both 5.13a – on the same trip.


In climbing and in life, Anna has a single focus: to embrace discomfort, keep learning, and have fun. So in 2021, she set her sights on trad climbing. Before the end of the year, Anna sent Once Upon a Time in the Southwest (E9 6c | 5.13b/c R), becoming one of the few women to have climbed E9. It was one of her first trad ascents ever.


Anna views climbing as a form of constant growth. She’s always pushing to venture outside her comfort zone and try new things – crack, offwidth, ice, you name it. Not one to keep adventure to herself, Anna shares it all through her other passion: film. On YouTube, she offers a vulnerable and lighthearted take on climbing while pushing her limits and traveling the world. Because it’s not just about the ascents: it’s about the journey and the people.


Anna’s a strong advocate for the LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC communities, as well as for female empowerment. She’s an equally strong advocate for chronically underappreciated slab climbing: “slab is sexy,” after all.