32 v15s, 8 v16s 
Winner, American Bouldering Series , 2005 - 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 - 2014  Winner, bouldering category, Teva Mountain Games, 2006, 2007 and 2010
First Ascent , “Return of the Sleepwalker”, V17, Red Rock Canyon, USA  First Ascent, “The Process”, V16, Bishop, USA 
First Ascent, “Hypnotize Minds”, V16 , Rocky Mountain National Park, USA
First Ascent, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, V15, Rocky Mountain National Park, USA 
First Ascent “Adrenaline” v16 
La Capella 9b (5.15b), Siurana, Spain 
First Ascent “The Dark Passenger” v14 (9 meters tall)
Daniel Woods began climbing at the age of 5 in Dallas, Texas where he is originally from. Later, he moved to Longmont, CO, and enrolled in the BRC junior climbing team. This allowed him to perfect his skills and shape him into the climber that he is today.
Daniel started out as an indoor competition sport climber, winning numerous youth local and national competitions. He then developed a passion for bouldering and outdoor climbing. At the age of 15, he established the hardest boulder probl em in Colorado, Echale (v14/8B+) in Clear Creek Canyon. He went on to repeat several other v13s and 14s including Dreamtime (v14/8B+), Suspension of Disbelief (v13/8B), Black Lung (v13/8B), and The Swarm (v13/8B). In total, he has climbed 2 v16s/8C+ 20 v15 /8C boulder problems, 57 v14/8B+, and 130+ v13/8B.
He has won the USA Climbing National Championships 9 times, gold medal at the 2010 Vail World Cup, silver medal at World Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, bronze at World Cup in Hall Austria.
In the sport cli mbing realm, Daniel has climbed Papichulo (15a/ 9a+) in Oliana, Spain, Thor’s Hammer (15a/9a+) in Flatanger, Norway, Tinipi (15a/9a+) (FA at 4500 meters in elevation) and numerous 14a(8b+) - 14d(9a) ascents.
It is safe to say that Daniel is a well - rounded ro ck and competition climber achieving a high level in multiple disciplines within the genre of climbing. His passion for movement and the outdoors is contagious. He was born to be a climber.
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Daniel Woods

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