Genevive Walker

Genevive began climbing back in 2012 when she lived in New York. She didn’t grow up doing many outdoor activities but always enjoyed being outside. Her first taste of climbing was a night climb in the Shawangunk Mountains (The Gunks) and has been fully hooked since then.

Learning to climb on trad outside instead of beginning in the gym gave Genevive a strong foundation and head space that allowed her to push the limits over the years. Moving to Rumney, NH in 2015 provided immediate access to the outdoors which only fueled her passion and excitement. Climbing quickly began to take over more of her life. This led to an impulsive purchase of a box on wheels, aka the Honda Element, and a spontaneous solo road trip around the States. From that moment, Genevive realized she had an opportunity to experience life differently from conventional norms.

Besides traveling through the states, Genevive spent a great deal of time in Southeast Asia and Mexico to experience different cultures and styles of climbing. All of her time climbing drippy limestone tufas is where she discovered her passion for steep, thuggy sport routes.

In 2018, Genevive made a permanent pit stop in Colorado on her way back to New York, shortly after meeting her now fiance. The same year she began pushing her limits out west and ticked off her first 13 (Bigger Dog, 13b) in only a few attempts. This pattern continued with Ultrasaurus (13a) in Boulder, Colorado, STFU (13a) and Thugagra (13a) in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, and Disrespect (13a) in St.George, Utah. In 2018, she was part of the first all female cohort for the Single Pitch Instructor Course and passed the assessment in 2019. Since then she’s been working with Space Below Your Feet, a female owned guiding company, and teaching climbing and technical skills in different clinics.

When asked why she resoles she responded “It’s way easier than people think, it’s such a waste to throw old shoes away”